Angel Pies

customized cakes

Pricing & flavors

Customized specialty cakes-

Specialty cakes are priced by the amount of time and detail..and all cakes are customized per order so pricing is difficult to put per cake..please call me for pricing of the particular customized style you want :)

Wedding cakes-

wedding cakes are priced 3.00 per serving for buttercream

and 3.75per serving for Fondant


Top tier (6inch)is always complimetary and is not  counted in the servings as it is for the bride and groom to save or to serve,


Cake flavors and Fillings

Like my cakes, flavors and fillings can be customized if theres a flavor you want and isnt on my flavor list..we can still make it happen..heres a list of favorite flavors and fillings..


cakes-French Vannilla                                      Fillings-Pinapple

          Vannilla bean                                                    Strawberry

           chunky strawberry                                             Peach

            Chocolate                                                        tripple berry

           White chocolate                                                cookies and cream

           banana                                                               chocolate ganache

            red velvet   

         german choc                                                                                                                                      




The possiblities are call me if you dont see what you want on here

  Fillings are $3.00 xtra per tier



Kitchen cakes

Kictchen cakes are a great way to stay under budget and get the amount of servings you need..i offer these to go with wedding cakes and grooms can order a beautiful small three or two tier cake and not break your budget trying to get the amount of servings you cakes are half sheet cakes simply frosted and lightly decorated and they get their name from the fact that they stay in the kitchen till the cake is served and come out with the rest of the wedding cakes are $ 75 each and serve up to the serving per slice is considerably if you need to serve can order a couple of these to go with your wedding cake and stay under your budget